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Dragon Quest XI UK release date rumours: When is Dragon Quest XI coming out?

“Please look forward for it”, has announced Horii to the magazine Jump!.

Apparently, Dragon Quest XI is coming out pretty soon. Square Enix is working hard to release the game before its 30th anniversary; Drangon Quest XI should be then available in mid-2016.

Dragon Quest XI platform: on which platform can I play Dragon Quest XI?

Dragon Quest XI won’t be available on just one, but two platforms: PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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Square Enix has carefully thought to Dragon Quest XI’s platforms. It wants the game to be a best seller; after all Dragon Quest XI is going to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary and Square Enix wants to go big.

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS are both very powerful platforms right now and they are perfect to host a game meant to be a success.

Dragon Quest XI UK price: How much will Dragon Quest XI cost?

Everything is quite about Dragon Quest XI UK price.

However we are pretty confident that the Dragon Quest XI PS4 version will be around £50, while the 3DS edition will be around £30. Our predictions are based on previous pricings of old Dragon Quest games on the same platforms.

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Dragon Quest XI gameplay

Dragon Quest XI’s subtitle is going to be “In search of departed time” with the main theme being “time”; this actually makes sense, given that Dragon Quest XI will celebrate Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary.

But what can we expect form Dragon Quest XI?

The original Dragon Quest games were RPGs. We loved their simple graphic and plain design.

But Dragon Quest X was different. It switched to a MMO format and appeared on mobile platforms. Many fans were disappointed about it and the game didn’t do very well, especially compared to old Dragon Quest games.

This time it’s pretty unlikely that Dragon Quest XI will be still in MMO format. Square Enix will probably bring it back to the original graphic and design.

During the gameplay you will presumably bump into old places and characters; old fans may get a feeling of nostalgia. However the storyline and quests are likely to be completely new.

The PS4 and 3DS versions will be quite similar. The main difference will be in the graphic.

The PS4 version will display a powerful graphic, but don’t scorn the 3DS edition.

Horii wanted to make Dragon Quest XI 3DS very special for the series’ anniversary.

Nicely, you’ll be able to switch from 2D pixels to 3D graphic. The Nintendo’s top screen will show 3D graphic, while the bottom screen will show 2D sprites, giving you a flavour of how was to play the game back in the 90s, in departed time.

Dragon Quest XI screenshots

 Dragon Quest XI 3DS_1

Dragon Quest XI 3DS_2

Dragon Quest XI 3DS_3

Dragon Quest XI PS4_1

Dragon Quest XI PS4_2

Dragon Quest XI PS4_3