Bethesda took to the stage at E3 2018 and unveiled a host of games, from the (forever doomed) world of Fallout 76 to the Mad Max-esque Rage 2, but arguably the most exciting announcement was a follow up to 2016’s DOOM; DOOM Eternal. Not much was said about the game at E3 2018 – in fact, only a short trailer was shown.

Fast forward to E3 2019 and Bethesda showcased a juicy DOOM Eternal gameplay video alongside an official release date - and it's sooner than you might think.

Here’s all we know so far about DOOM Eternal, from release date details to gameplay features and the latest trailers following Bethesda's E3 2019 showcase. We've also played the game ourselves, so read our hands-on preview to find out what we think.

When will DOOM Eternal be released?

As confirmed by Bethesda at E3 2019, DOOM Eternal is set to be released on 22 November 2019, and you can pre-order it right now.

Which platforms will DOOM Eternal support?

DOOM Eternal will support not only PC, Xbox One and PS4 at launch, but also the Nintendo Switch. While it might seem like a questionable game for the family-friendly Switch, Bethesda saw a positive reception when DOOM (2016) eventually came out for the handheld console in 2017.  

What should we expect from DOOM Eternal gameplay?

DOOM Eternal is a sequel set after the events of 2016’s DOOM, and while not much is known about what the ins-and-outs of the story, we do know that it takes place in part on an Earth overrun by the forces of Hell. We can also confirm that gamers will be spending some time in space on Phobos, the innermost moon of Mars, as well as Mars itself, along with a return to Hell and even a trip to Heaven.

In terms of actual gameplay, DOOM Eternal plays much like its predecessor, packed with fast-paced, violent and gory battles with hellish demons of all shapes and sizes.

Bethesda has confirmed one little titbit; there will be twice as many varieties of demons as there were in the first title, and based on early gameplay footage seen at the top of this article, we can confirm that Cacodemons, Barons of Hell, Revenants, and Mancubi are all returning, along with new enemies like the Pain Elemental or the half-tank Doom Hunter.

There will be a large selection of weaponry available, both returning weapons and entirely new ones. Returning weapons have been tweaked and revamped, with some receiving new functions while others get a facelift.

There are new gameplay modes too. Invasion mode lets online players jump into the single-player campaign as a demon with the aim of hunting you down and killing the main player. You can go it alone, or you can party up with friends and hunt down a poor unsuspecting player hacking-and-slashing their way through the campaign.

Along a similar line, Battle Mode is a 2v1 multiplayer death match where one player controls a fully loaded Doom Slayer, while the other two step into the hooves of a selection of five demons: the Revenant, Mancubus, Pain Elemental, Arch-Vile, and Marauder. The demon players get all the moves of the demons from the campaign, in addition to the ability to drop hazards and AI demons, or even temporarily block the Slayer from picking up new resources.

DOOM Eternal trailers and gameplay videos

When Bethesda announced DOOM Eternal at E3 2018, only a short trailer was shown. You can see this below:

Then, at E3 2019, Bethesda treated fans to a brand-new gameplay trailer, showcasing more of what fans have come to expect from the series.