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Battlefield Hardline release date

You can pre-order BFH right now, but it won't be released until March 20th 2015. It was originally scheduled to be released on October 21st last year, but the game was delayed in order to implement the considerable feedback from the open beta.

There's another open beta between February 3rd and 8th where you can play on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Battlefield Hardline price

The standard PC edition costs £49.90, but you can pay an extra £10 for the Deluxe Digital edition which comes with some extras.

Amazon is listing the game for £44 for Xbox One and PS4, while the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions cost £36. The PC version (supplied on disc) is also £36, so it's a decent saving over pre-ordering the standard version from EA. The download version from Amazon is £50.

 Battlefield Hardline release date, price and specs

Battlefield Hardline new game modes: Hotwire and Heist

Heist is pretty much what you'd expect, and you can play cops or robbers to steal or prevent theft depending on which side you take.

Battlefield Hardline release date, price and specs

In Hotwire you can fulfil that need for speed with fast bikes and muscle cars. Visceral says the mode is a "unique twist on the classic Conquest mode". Again, you can pick sides either chasing down criminals or attempting to escape from the law.

There's also Blood Money, Rescue and Crosshair modes.