But what do we know about the upcoming Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan Game? Read on and find it out.

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Attack on Titan Game UK release date rumours: When is Attack on Titan Game coming out?

Attack on Titan Game will be available in Japan later this winter, while the West needs to wait until some point in 2016 to play it.

Attack on Titan Game platforms

Many fans were waiting for Attack on Titan Game to land on the new generation console; that’s what Koei Tecmo is going to do. For the first time Attack on Titan will be available on PS4 as main platform.

But users of older console versions will be not left without. Attack on Titan will be also available on PS3 and PS Vista.

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Attack on Titan Game UK price: How much will Attack on Titan cost?

No words have been said about the price. Pre-order is not an option yet, but that is fair enough given that the upcoming Attack on Titan doesn’t even have a definitive title!

However, we can make some predictions based on the average price of games released on the same platform.

We are quite confident to say that you’ll look for a price of about £40 for the PS4 version, while we reckon the PS3 edition will be probably £10 cheaper.

Attack on Titan gameplay

Attack on Titan will be based on the Japanese manga series that left out of breath millions of fans worldwide, with its controversial, at times highly criticised and at times immensely celebrated story.

Set in an ambiguous future, Attack on Titan is the story of the last of humankind striving to survive against gigantic beings that seem to enjoy eating humans, even if they don’t actually need to feed on them.

Against those 3-15 metres tall humanoids, a military has been organised to fight back in a suicidal war. But this is the last hope.

The protagonist of the series is Eren Yeager, a young guy, who, with his foster sister and a childhood friend, joins the army to revenge his mother killed by a Titan.

It is not clear if you’ll have to play Eren Yeager or guide the entire army in the upcoming Attack on Titan Game.

However, we know that, as producer Koinuma promised, this time Attack on Titan won’t be merely a fight game as the older ones. It will be much more. You’ll have to re enact the story.

Attack on Titan will be an action game that will start from the outset of the manga series.

Attack on Titan Game’s features: what can we expect from the new Attack on Titan Game?

The upcoming game will be developed by Omega Force, the studio that created Dinasty Warriors Gundam games. Interestingly, the studio is famous for its cinematic combats, where brave soldiers have to fight against flows of enemies.

But this time, things will be different. With Attack on Titan, the dynamic will be reversed; armies of human soldiers will combat against single Titans.

We are quite curious to see how Omega Force will manage it, but surely we’ll find again in Attack on Titan the electric dynamic of combats typical of the studio franchise.

Attack on Titan’s design will be based on the cel shading technique, meaning that the 3D graphic will appear more flat compared to the usual computer design. This method aims at miming comic book style.

For now, nothing more has been said. Although older games were disappointing, we are pretty confident to say that the upcoming Attack on Titan will be worthy of attention.

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Attack on Titan Game trailer

Attack on Titan Game screenshots