You will admittedly find an improved 2W front-facing headlight to better illuminate dark journeys, the ability to tackle 20% incline slopes (compared to 12% on the original) and there are more reflectors to make you easier to spot on the road, but that’s not really enough to tempt owners of the first-gen Mi scooter to upgrade.

The more interesting option is the Mi Electric Scooter 1S, which admittedly also looks near-identical to the original, but with a key difference: it’s lighter and more portable. That’s mainly due to the weight - at 12.5kg, it’s just shy of 2kg lighter than the Scooter Pro 2, and that’ll make a difference if you have to carry the electric scooter in and out of tube stations and the like.

There are trade-offs to be had, with a shorter 30km range and slightly less powerful 250W brushless motor, but that shouldn’t make too much of a difference if you’re only using the electric scooter as last-mile transport. 

The only real unknown right now is availability: Xiaomi is yet to reveal the planned release date or pricing for either model, confirming only that they’ll be available to buy in the future. In the UK at least, we imagine Xiaomi will wait to hear the verdict on e-scooter law, with rental electric scooters now being trialled in various parts of the UK.

If all goes well, the law surrounding private ownership could change in the coming months, and that’s when Xiaomi could clean up with the two new electric scooters - especially if they offer as much value for money as the first-gen scooter did. 

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