Satski has launched a dedicated mapping unit, the Satsport Multisport GPS, for adventurous skiers who want to ensure they end up back at base in time for the apres ski. The Satsport GPS is primed with indepth mountain maps for the world's most popular resorts.

Satski, which first came up with the idea of preinstalling maps for on- and off-piste skiing, has managed to turn a relatively expensive proposition into one that is now within the realm of affordability for the seasoned skier or snowboarder.

In its original incarnation back in 2008, the Satski was a ruggedised PDA-like device that cost many hundreds of pounds and was planned as a handheld mapping unit for resorts to lease out to skiers on a daily or weekly basis. There was a fair bit of interest in the device when it launched, but several commentators opined that it would better as a standalone unit that skiers could own themselves. There was also the  issue of portability. Would you really want to take your mobile phone or iPhone with you on the slopes for emergency calls, but also tout a second device to show you where on the mountain you were?

Satski has fixed this by developing apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Each app costs £5.99 and can be downloaded from its respective app market.

For those that prefer a dedicated piece of hardware, there's a MultiSport GPS device that provides detailed mapping and course information for golf courses, mountain biking and other sports as well as ski resorts. The Satsports Multi-Sport GPS units cost £240 each.

The Satsports Mulitsports GPS device offers mapping information useful for skiers, cyclists, golfers and more

A dedicated app for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile smartphones allows users to install the specialised mapping information on their handset