After launching its Galaxy Gear smartwatch last year, Samsung is back with the Gear 2. Read: Samsung Gear 2 review: Classy Tizen smartwatch is too expensive

The Galaxy part of its title has been dropped because the device runs on Samsung's own Tizen operating system. However, you won't notice a huge difference in the user interface. See: The 7 best smartwatches of 2014.

Samsung wants you to buy one of its devices and as such the Gear 2 smartwatch is only compatible with 17 Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The firm isn't doing itself any favours here so we're not off to the best of starts.

If you do have the right device, then the Gear 2 is the top of range model and will set you back the best part of £300. That's considerably more expensive than most so another drawback.

That hefty price tag does get you a stylish brushed metal design and plenty of features though. We love the way the Gear 2 looks without even a Samsung logo in sight, however, it's still on the bulky side of things and won't fit under some clothing.

The device is dust- and water resistant plus if you don't like the supplied strap you can switch it for your own. A lone physical buttons sits below the gorgeous 1.63in display but you can also just tap or twist your wrist to get going.

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Battery life will vary depending on your usage but we've found the Gear 2 can last up to a week which is pretty good. Charging is done with a clip on module which keeps the watch from being even bigger but is easy to leave behind.

Navigation is smooth and simple and as you would expect, you can get all your notifications sent from your smartphone to the Gear 2 and customise the look. However, this smartwatch can do a whole lot more than notifications.

You can have a phone call using the built-in microphone and speaker and there's also a camera so you can take videos and photos. There's even an infrared transmitter for taking control of devices like your TV.These are all a bit fiddly though and fall into the novelty category.

Handier features, for sporty types anyway, are the built-in heart rate monitor and ability to play music from the Gear 2's internal storage via Bluetooth – meaning you can go for a run without need to carry a companion device.

The Samsung Gear 2 is a stylish smartwatch but has limited appeal due to small list of compatible devices. It's still too bulky and although it's packed with features, they are awkward and generally unnecessary. Then there's the high price tag which means unless what the Gear 2 has to offer is genuinely what you want a smartwatch for, you'll be better off elsewhere.

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