The Alarm is a companion product that sits alongside Ring’s video doorbells and security cameras and is designed to sense unwanted motion in the home - just like any alarm system of course, but Ring’s strategy is to make such systems more accessible and affordable.

The nature of many of Ring’s products means you can install them yourself and take them with you when you move, often making them a sensible choice for renters. Jamie Siminoff, Founder of Ring said the company was “making home and neighbourhood security affordable to everyone and freeing neighbours from long-term, expensive commitments.”

As you might expect, the Alarm is fully compatible with Ring’s security cameras which can be set to start recording immediately when motion is sensed. Ring offers its Protect Plus service for £8 a month which adds cloud storage, cellular back up in case of a Wi-Fi outage and automated calls to three contacts such as neighbours and family for when intrusion is suspected.

The Ring Alarm is available to buy now