Another upgrade is that the new GX inherits the front fork from the GXi bike, which GoCycle says makes it more comfortable to ride and offers enhanced dynamics. This due to it’s improved design which alters the shape.

It’s also slightly lighter, and combined the upgrades make a weight saving of 300g. At 17.5kg, it can’t claim to be the lightest folding electric bike around, though. It’s also a little disappointing not to see built-in lights as one of the updates: for those you’ll still have to go for the GXi instead.

Still, with GoCycle’s proprietary front hub motor that also has electronic traction control, plus the covered chain and gear system, it still looks to be a solid choice if you’re after a premium electric bike.

GoCycle GX 2020 updates

The price remains the same as before: £2899 / $3299, and you can order yours now in blue, matt black or white.

Founder and designer of the GoCycle GX, Richard Thorpe said, "The COVID-19 pandemic has pulled the e-bike adoption curve forward as more people realise their benefits for a healthier, smarter and more sustainable lifestyle. Governments across the world are moving to prioritise cycling and making it safer for new riders to get out onto two wheels. There has never been a better time to leave
your car behind and start your two-wheel electric journey!"

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