Motorola Moto Hint release date, price and specs

If you thought Bluetooth headsets were just for taxi drivers and annoying businessmen, Motorola has a product for the average gadget lover.

"Moto Hint is a discreet wireless ear bud designed to look good and feel great. It gives you complete control of your phone and allows you to access everything you need by just using your voice. When paired with your Moto X, you can ask questions like "What’s today’s forecast?" or get turn by turn navigation directions, all without touching or even looking at your phone," said Motorola.

Motorola Moto Hint: Release date and price

Out of Motorola's new products, the Moto Hint is the one with the least amount of information available. The new Moto X will arrive this month and the new Moto G and Moto 360 will tip up in October.

Motorola Hint price and release date

Motorola has only said that the Moto Hint will 'come to the UK in the coming months' and will arrive in time for Christmas. It hasn't announced a UK price but we can give you the US price which is $149.

Motorola Moto Hint bluetooth headset

Motorola Moto Hint: Specs and features

As well as the full specs below, it's worth pointing out some features of the Moto Hint including that it will automatically turn on and then switch off when you take it out of your ear – calls are then routed back to your phone.

When it's not in use, you can keep the Moto Hint in your ear and still hear what's going on around you as audio will pass-through it. Not limited to Motorola's smartphones or even Android devices, the Moto Hint can be paired to any device with Bluetooth.

It will come in a range of different colours and materials including wood and canvas. The accompanying charge case will allow users to charge the Moto Hint on the go. It can charge the device twice.

Motorola Hint price and release date


Bluetooth Profiles

A2DP 1.3
Hands Free (HFP) 1.6
AVRCP 1.4, HSP 1.2
Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) 1.1
Generic Audio Visual Distribution Profile (GAVDP) 1.2
Bluetooth Technology 3.0 + EDR

In-Ear Sensors

IR Proximity detectors

Power and Battery

Put Moto Hint in ear to turn on. Put Moto Hint in the charging case to turn off
Up to 100hrs standby time
Up to 10 hours talk time with charging case