Transformers, robots in disguise. Or perhaps not so much a robot as a lawnmower by the looks of Spyke.

Either way, he looks like the sort not to be messed with. And if you know what’s good for you, you probably won’t since the Spyke is wont to record your every movement and alert HQ if you make so much as a move.

Moving into Lego Mindstorms territory, Meccano’s Spyke is a self-assembly kit that, once completed, is able to move about and to interact with humans. It can take stealthy photos, eavesdrop on conversations, make video calls via its built in webcam and email evidence to its master. (A Wi-Fi connect is needed for these functions to work and for Spyke to be remotely controlled).

Spyke has motion-detector alarm, a speaker on which to blast out MP3s or other audio and tops it all off with Skype-calling capabilities. This latter feature is of course the reason is set to start selling these intriguing robot kits.

And of couse, like the Transformers themselves, Spyke is able to assume different guises – an essential for any winnable spy, as well as Autobots and Decepticons. We particularly like the fact that once it’s had enough of playing a being a Transformer or a sci-fi spy, Spkye automatically trundles off to his docking station and recharges himself ready for another day’s play.


Get down Spyke