The company is pushing the Hero 8's compatibility with a new modular set of accessories: the Media Mod (£79/$79 microphone), Display Mod (£79/$79 front-facing display) and Light Mod (£49/$49 light) show that GoPro is trying to cater to people who might want a mini-studio setup made possible with their camera purchase as well as the option to strap it to the front of their snowboard.

If you want to go all-out though, then the Hero 8 isn’t the most GoPro you can get. For £479/$499 the GoPro Max is a dual lens camera capable of regular shots or 360 recording and has a built-in front facing display in an attempt to appeal to vloggers and influencers. The extra spend gets you a virtual shotgun mic built in and the same improved video stabilisation as the Hero 8.

GoPro used to cater to the low-end in its product line up but now it’s gunning for the high-end again with these two new cameras. The Hero 7 Black is still on sale for £319/$329 while the cheapest GoPro is the Hero 7 Silver at £199/$199.