There’s no doubt, then, that the G4 will use a front-hub motor as its predecessors did.

Gocycle hasn’t said anything else about the design or changes to the GX and GXi, which are the models that the G4 and G4i will replace.

We do know though that there will be a third model in the range, the G4i+.

Gocycle G4 release date

The three electric bikes will go on sale in spring, with a full unveiling along with specs in March.

Production of the new Gocycle G4 and G4i has already started and the first orders will be delivered “from spring onwards”.

How much will the Gocycle G4 cost?

Sadly, prices aren’t dropping. They’re actually rising:

  • Gocycle G4 MSRP: £3,199 / €3,499 / $3,999
  • Gocycle G4i MSRP: £3,999 / €4,499 / $4,999
  • Gocycle G4i+ MSRP £4,999 / €5,499 / $5,999

The Gocycle GX, reviewed, costs £2,899, so the G4 is £300 more. The same goes for the G4i, which is £300 more than the outgoing GXi.

We’ll have to wait until March to find out what the G4i+ offers to justify its £1,000 premium over the G4i.

Richard Thorpe, designer and founder of Gocycle, said, “It’s been more than a decade since we launched the iconic G1 Gocycle in 2009. Every year we see unique and different bicycle and e-bike designs hit the market, but very few stand the test of time and go on to develop year on year. As a pioneer in the e-bike industry, I’m proud to be announcing our 4th generation design – the Gocycle G4!”

“Our generation four Gocycle range not only sets a new standard for Gocycle, but will raise the bar for all of our competitors in the folding electric bike segment. What’s really exciting to me is that G4 has the potential to challenge traditional non-folding e-bikes as well. When it comes to storage and security, there’s no compromise with a fast e-folder and Gocycle’s acclaimed riding dynamics just got even better with G4!  It’s the most significant step change in development we have ever made and I cannot wait to reveal more details!”

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