Echo Frames

It isn't enough to just have the Alexa app on your phone when out and about, so Amazon has come up with these glasses - which can have prescription lenses if you need them - that weigh only 31 grams.

Amazon Echo Frames

There's no camera or display - this isn't a Google Glass rival - just microphones and some form of speaker so you can have "all-day access to Alexa" while keeping your eyes, ears and hands free for other stuff.

They will go on sale in limited quantities later in 2019 for a special price of $179.99, and will likely only be offered to US customers.

Echo Loop

Along the same lines, but in the form of a wearable ring, the Loop also has dual-mics and the smallest speaker ever in an Echo to give you that same access to Alexa.

There's also a built-in haptic engine that notifies you of alerts or incoming calls, and a button so you can talk to Alexa - she's not always listening.

Echo Loop

The Loop will cost $99.99 for the 'invite phase'.

As you'd expect, both devices still need to be paired to your phone in order to give Alexa that much-needed internet connection. 

The gadgets were revealed alongside the new third-generation Echo, a new Echo Dot with a display, and a mid-sized 8-inch Echo Show.

Echo Loop