There was plenty of rumour and speculation that DJI would launch a new drone at its event on 13 August, but instead the company announced its latest smartphone gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 3.

However, there are plenty of rumours and purported leaks that suggest a drone launch isn't far away and everything points to a new mini model to replace the Spark or perhaps the Mavic Air.

It's being dubbed the Mavic Mini, and the latest leaked specifications show that it could weigh just under the 250g threshold for registration. This means that in the US, people can buy and fly a drone without registering it with the FAA.

In the UK drone registration comes into force in a couple of months, and again requires drones above 250g to be registered.

Mavic Mini specs

So if the Mavic Mini does tip the scales at 245g, it should make a lot of people happy. For comparison, the Spark weighs 300g, so has to be registered.

Photos purporting to be early prototypes from @KANZHAJI show a small drone with design cues from the Mavic range, and it's thought that the camera will be based on the Osmo Mobile's and will be able to record 4K video.

DJI Mavic Mini rumours

You can see the latest 'leaked' spec sheets in a YouTube video.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dimensions: 140x140x53mm
  • Max flight time: 18 minutes
  • Top speed: 31mph (50kph)
  • Obstacle sensing system: 0.2-5m with surface larger than 20x20cm
  • Vision positioning system range 0-30m up to altitude of 8m
  • 12Mp camera with 25mm equivalent f/2.6 lens
  • Max video: 4K at 30fps, 60Mb/sec (2.7K at fps)
  • Wi-Fi control up to 100m
  • Remote control - likely optional - range: 5km (US) / 3km (UK)

As with the Spark, the specs - which may or may not be legit - indicate you'll be able to fly the Mavic Mini directly from your phone over Wi-Fi, but an optional remote control would increase range to several kilometres, limited by local regulations. These specs also indicate that, just like the Mavic Air, the Mini will not use the OccuSync system found in the Mavic Pro / Mavic 2, as that system is too large and power hungry. Instead it could use a version of Wi-Fi, just like the Mavic Air.

When is the Mavic Mini release date?

According to DroneDJ's source, the launch won't be for a couple of months, which could mean the Mavic Mini will arrive in time to be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree.

How much does the Mavic Mini cost?

There are no leaks to confirm the price, but rumours peg it at $399, which given DJI's current strategy of making all products £10 cheaper than the US price, would make it £389 in the UK.

That would be for the drone only, and we expect it to be $499 or $549 including the remote control.

Doubtless there will be a Fly More Combo bundle including an extra battery, carry case, spare props and maybe multi-charger.

We'll bring you more as leaks emerge.