Get the DJI Mavic Mini for £329

It's also available at this price from Argos and Jessops.

The Mavic Mini shoots video at 2.7K rather than 4K (which the Mini 2 can) and has the older-style controller which also means a shorter range. However, that’s largely irrelevant if you’re flying in the UK where regulations limit you to line of sight – about 500m.

Other than that, the two are very similar indeed, both lacking any obstacle  avoidance and flying for around half an hour (which is very respectable).

The best thing is that it weighs only 249g, so you don’t need to register - and pay the fee – each year to fly it in the UK, US and other countries which have a minimum weight of 250g before you need to register a  drone.

DJI Mavic Mini

Plus, the Mavic Mini has a 3-axis gimbal which leads to stable, smooth video. It also takes 12Mp photos but – and this is certainly not a deal-breaker – it can’t shoot in RAW (DNG) format like the Mini 2 can.

You can read more, and see sample footage, in our Mavic Mini review.

Oh, and it’s also worth noting that the Fly More Combo is also discounted for Black Friday with £50 off, down to £409 from £459. This includes three batteries instead of one, a carry case, spare propellers, a two-way charging hub (which acts like a power bank to charge your phone and other stuff) and prop guards for indoor flying (or for beginners).

So if the Mini 2, which isn’t discounted for Black Friday, is too expensive, these are the next-best thing. DJI also has more Black Friday offers.

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