Guitar amp-maker Crate is shipping two new product lines, one of which comes equipped with a USB port, making it easy for computer users to record their guitar playing.

The Crate Profiler 5.0 is a mini 5W combo guitar amp that is less than 8in inches tall and weighs 2.7kg. The amp can be powered from an AC power supply or from six AA batteries, making it portable for guitar players to travel with.

A mini-jack input also allows users to plug in an iPod and play along with songs.

The amp emulates 11 vintage and modern amplifiers, which are selectable on the top panel. Several stereo DSP effects including chorus, flange, auto-wah, tremolo, phaser, octave and rotary speaker simulator are also selectable from the top panel -- delay, reverb and tone controls have their own dedicated controls. Gain and master volume knobs, a 440Hz (A string) tone generator, on/off switch with power LED and 1/4-inch input jack round out the controls on the amp.

The Crate Profiler 5.0 is available in the US for $159.99.

Crate guitar amp

Crate guitar amp