LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2


LG is becoming a big player in the smartphone world. Its latest entry is the G Pro 2 which has a 5.9in screen putting it in the 'phablet' category. The Android handset can record video in 4k quality and offers unique software such as Mini View which allows the user to change the screen size down to 3.4in.

Price TBC


Samsung Ativ Book 9 2014

Samsung Ativ Book 9 2014


Samsung's latest addition to the Ativ line-up is the 2014 edition of its Book 9 laptop. This 15.6in Full HD portable PC has been upgraded with a touchscreen among other things. An Haswell Core i5 or Core i7 processor brings it to the latest of Intel's chips and offers up to 14 hours of battery life.

Price TBC


Jolla smartphone



Pronounced 'yol-la', Jolla is a new smartphone from a group of ex-Nokia employees. It brings something new to the table in the form of its Sailfish OS which is based on MeeGo. It provides an alternative to iOS and Android and has a gesture driven interface. The device itself has a 4.5in screen and interchangeable covers which dictate the look and feel of the software via an NFC chip.

€399 (£329) inc VAT


Tokyoflash watch

Tokyoflash Kisai Rorschach


It might not be a smartwatch, but the device has something a little different to your plain old wrist watch. It's got an E-ink display commonly found on eReaders which means it's always on. Available in various colours, the Kisai Rorschach has three different difficulty modes for its unique way of displaying the time.

£127 inc VAT


Tado connector kit


Smart heating system

The Tado° box connects directly to you boiler and replaces your thermostat. It lets you control your heating via your iOS or Android device. Customers can either rent the Tado° connector kit or buy it outright with lifetime service. If customers renting the kit do not save at least £120 after the first year, a full refund will be given.

£6.99 inc VAT (monthly rental)

£249 inc VAT (outright)


Sony Xperia E1

Sony Xperia E1


Sony's latest smartphone is aimed at music lovers with its Walkman controls. It might be small with a 4in screen but has a 'super-clear 100dB speaker'. It also comes with 30 days free access to music on the Sony Entertainment Network. It should mean you can leave your Bluetooth speaker at home and annoy everyone on the bus even more.

Price TBC


Atchos Activity Tracker

Archos Activity Tracker

Fitness tracker

The latest in the quickly expanding wearable tech sector is Archos' aptly named Activity Tracker. This affordable wrist band will track your steps and calories burned for a week without needing to charge it. It's also got a clock, you can set goals for yourself and information will all be presented by way of an app.
£49 inc VAT


Tivoli Audio Model Three BT

Tivoli Audio Model Three BT

Bluetooth clock radio

The Model Three has been around for nine years but with the smartphone and tablet boom, Tivoli Audio has decided to add Bluetooth for wireless streaming. This opens up the world of internet radio to the device though its full-range 8cm driver with an accompanying bass port. Of course, it still has an AM/FM tuner and a 3.5mm jack input.
£249 inc VAT


U-shot DIRT

XSories U-Shot Monochrome DIRT Edition

Camera mount

A 1/4 universal screw means you can attach most cameras to the U-Shot enabling you to film better in various situations, particularly extreme sports. The telescopic design is lightweight at 105g and includes a swivel ball head, thumb screw, wrist strap, foam handle and carabiner. It comes in four new colours 'inspired by the seasons'.

£39 inc VAT


Fresh n Rebel Rockbox Curve

Fresh 'n' Rebel Rockbox Curve

Bluetooth speaker

A new player in the Bluetooth speaker market is Fresh 'n' Rebel. The Rockbox Curve being one of its line-up of nicely designed products. The Curve comes in two colours and offers stereo audio over Bluetooth or line-in. It's also got a microphone for handling phone calls.



Hanns G HT271HPB

Hanns G HT271HPB


Super-size your PC with this 27in monitor which supports 10-point multi-touch input - great for Windows 8 users. The HT271HPB is LED backlit and uses a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.  It also has four different video modes and both VGA and HDMI inputs.

£269 inc VAT