It’s got some useful non-Alexa features like a temperature gauge and it’s big enough to cook a 5lb chicken according to Amazon. But the Alexa integration is what’s trying to hook you in. You can say things like “Alexa, cook salmon,” and the oven should be smart enough to weigh the food and select the right cooking mode for it based on that and the fact you’ve said it’s salmon.

Alexa will also say things like “it’s time to flip your food”, which could be handier than a standard microwave oven’s beeps. Using the Alexa phone app you can scan barcodes from select food stores such as Whole Foods and then set the Smart Oven to cook them without thinking about the settings.

Microwaves aren’t too complicated but when you add in the fryer and convention oven elements it’s easy to overdo food. Amazon is hoping making a microwave smart is enough for you to fork out for one and take the guesswork out of the process.