The tiny mic and speaker on the Flex will be no match for full fat Echo speakers, but if you have smart lights for instance in a room where there’s no Echo device then it’s a small expense to pay to get voice command functionality in that room.

With Amazon’s Drop In tech built in it could be a way to speak to your kids’ Echo from the comfort of your garden room or announce that dinner is ready from the kitchen. There’s a USB port built in so you can charge your phone but there’s no full plug pass through.

A button turns the mic on or off like on other Echo products too. We’re not sure why smart plugs are a little more complicated to grasp than standalone smart speakers. Think of them as the glue of a large smart home set up.

Echo Flex price & release date

You can pre-order your Echo Flex from Amazon where it costs £24.99 / $24.99.

The Echo Flex is the first official Amazon smart plug and it’ll ship on 14 November.