According to a survey carried out by Uswitch, the UK is watching an extra 170 million hours of streaming services per week compared to before lockdown.

With plenty of people furloughed from jobs and with kids to entertain, a whopping 47% said they were watching a higher proportion of streamed TV and films.

Launching just in time for self-isolation, Disney+ joined the ranks of streaming services to choose from but perhaps isn’t as popular as anticipated. Of respondents to the survey, only 2% were using the service (as mentioned above, this is due to the research being carried out before Disney+ arrived in the UK).

In contrast, over half use BBC iPlayer followed by 49% on Netflix and 35% watching Amazon Prime. Furthermore, Apple TV+ and Sky Now TV are lower than we might have predicted at just 2% and 10% respectively. See the full ranking at the bottom.

While some services are free, most are not and users are paying £15.30 per month on average, up from £12.50 in October 2019. That’s a whopping £44m per month on subscriptions.

Escaping into the world of TV and film with thousands of choices at your fingertips is certainly helping people get through the crisis.

If you’re new to the world of streaming services, you can take advantage of various free trials to see which is the right one for you. Also read our guide to the best TV streaming services.

Streaming services ranked by popularity:

  • BBC iPlayer 51%
  • Netflix 49%
  • Amazon Prime 35%
  • ITV Hub 33%
  • All 4 26%
  • My 5 16%
  • Now TV 10 %
  • Sky Store 9%
  • Apple TV+ 3%
  • Rakuten TV 2%
  • TalkTalk TV Store 2%
  • BritBox 1%
  • StarzPlay 1%
  • Hayu 1%