With Netflix churning out binge-worthy content like Stranger Things and The Crown, due to return in November for season three, it's a great time to have a Netflix subscription. Sky TV is currently running a promotion on its TV service that not only hacks £9 off the monthly rate but also bundles Netflix with its content. Head to Sky TV to pick up this deal now.

The subscription rate is reduced from £34 per month to £25 per month for 18 months. There is a one-off £20 fee. If you choose to continue with the plan after 18 months, the price goes up to £39 per month. You also get a Sky Q box for the duration of the subscription.

To sign up, head to Sky TV where you can build your package. There are four steps: TV Packs, Equipment, Broadband options and finally Check Out. In the TV Packs step, you can opt for the the base £25 Sky and Netflix plan or choose add-ons like Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, or Kids programming for additional monthly fees (though many are discounted right now).

The Equipment step will allow you to choose whether you want service across multiple TVs or a single device, and between different HD quality options (the more advanced combinations will cost more, of course). Before checkout, you'll be able to add broadband to your package, though you can opt for just the TV with Netflix deal alone.

A Sky TV subscription gets you access to over 300 channels. You get Sky's propriety channels, like Sky One and Sky Atlantic, as well as US channels like MTV, Fox, Vice, Syfy, Discovery, National Geographic, Comedy Central and more. You can see the whole list of channels over at Sky.

If you want to see what Netflix has to offer – and there's loads – see our round up of the Best TV Shows Coming to Netflix.

If you already have Netflix, you can merge both subscriptions into one and keep your existing profiles. Netflix Premium users will be able to watch in Ultra HD across four devices. Go to Sky TV now to pick up this deal

Sky's deal comes after BT launched its broadband and TV offers that included Amazon Prime for free, which would give you access to Prime Video. While that promotion has now ended, you can still see BT's existing TV and broadband deals, which all come with BT Sport.

We've also compared Netflix against Amazon Prime and Now TV, so you can see which one is the best for you.