AI is making its way into just about everything these days. It won’t be long before your toaster and washing machine are talking about you behind your back when you leave the kitchen. However, there are numerous benefits to be had from our artificially intelligent friends and just one example is within these new Samsung QLED 8k TVs.

While many people don’t have a 4k TV because of the lack of content that makes use of that many pixels, that issue is soon to be corrected with ‘upscaling’ technology which uses built-in AI to enhance the quality of any media to take full advantage of this much larger resolution. This means that, in theory, you can watch old episodes of your favourite show and have them looking better than ever.

We got our hands on all sorts of things at IFA, including the very latest gaming throne the Acer Predator Thronos.

The upside for the more general consumer here is that this innovation could drive down the cost of the older 4k technology, so if you were looking to upgrade your TV the next few months could be a good time to buy.

LG was also at IFA with some 8k TVs of their own, ready to insist that their OLED displays were superior to Samsung’s LED. However, LG won’t be realising their products any time soon so if you’re desperate for more pixels than your eyes can handle, watch out for these new displays in September.