If you’re somehow bored of watching TV shows and films on Sky Q then a new PlayWorks app means you can play free games with just the remote control.

Ok, you’re probably not caught up with the endless amount of new content available on Sky Q, but if you want to do something a bit different for a while, perhaps during an ad break or while you’re waiting for a show to start, then PlayWorks provides a bit of fun.

The app brings 20 free games to the Sky Q box and you don’t need to faff around with connecting a gaming controller. Instead, you simply play with the Sky Q remote.

Games include Tetris, Solitaire, Doodle Jump and the smash hit Crossy Road - full games list below.

How to play games on Sky Q

You can easily access PlayWorks by navigating to the Apps section of the Sky Q interface alongside the likes of Disney+, or simply say “Open PlayWorks” using the voice control function on the remote.

There's no need to download the app from any kind of store as your box should have updated automatically with PlayWorks. If not, check your internet connection.

Sky says a “specially curated selection of apps across fitness, music and learning” will be added to Sky Q.

PlayWorks games on Sky Q

  • Text Twist
  • Crossy Road
  • Doodle Jump
  • Puppy Rescue
  • Tetris
  • Strike
  • Solitaire Classic
  • Solitaire Towers
  • A-Maze-ing Mac
  • 1 vs 100
  • Carott Mania Pirates
  • Carrot Mania Space
  • Darts
  • Mahjongg
  • Super Collapse II
  • Alice Hearts
  • Letter Sensei
  • 2048
  • Moodies
  • Space Moodies