Having won over smartphone users around the globe, OnePlus is now moving on to TVs. In October 2018 it announced plans to enter the smart TV market, continuing its aim to "improve the human experience through simplicity, efficiency and intelligent functionality".

At the time OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau said that while the wider technology industry has advanced rapidly over the past decade TVs have been left behind, describing them as "conventional and cumbersome".

In what is described as a natural progression for the OnePlus brand, its entry into the smart TV market allows the company to bring together its high-quality hardware and seamless user experience with a minimalistic and timeless design.

What will the OnePlus TV be called?

A competition run by the company that allowed fans to name its new device has now come to a close, with the 10 winners listed below. They have all one a set for being picked.

  • Apex
  • Arena
  • Aspire
  • Canvas
  • Epic One
  • Epic TV
  • Innova
  • Intelly+
  • Nese
  • NS1

Despite all those suggestions, the firm has decided to called it simply the 'OnePlus TV' saying it's "simple yet to-the-point – as we believe there's no other name that can best represent our value, vision and pride than naming it with our own brand."

OnePlus TV name and logo

When is the OnePlus TV release date?

Though OnePlus has not offered a timeline on when the TV will launch, we now have a possible release date.

Via a report on MySmartPrice, it looks like the firm could launch its first TV on 26 September. If not that exact day, the week of 25 September.

This is quite close to the rumoured OnePlus 7T launch which is tipped for 15 October so the two might be combined perhaps.

What are the OnePlus TV specs and features?

Also spotted by MySmartPrice, some details of the OnePlus TV have come to light via Bluetooth SIG. A long list of model numbers appears to reveal that the set will come in four sizes between 43- and 75in - with 55- and 65in in the middle:

  • 43Q2IN
  • 55Q1IN
  • 65Q2CN
  • 75Q2US

The letters at the end indicate markets such as India, where the OnePlus TV might land first, as well as China and the US. Interestingly, all 43in model numbers end in IN so this size may be exclusive to India.

According to prolific tipster Ishan Agarwal, the OnePlus TV will be use LCD panels instead of better OLED technology. This will allow OnePlus to keep the price down and offer a more value for money offer compared to the likes of Samsung. It will be competing with sets like the Hisense B7500.

There could, however, be an OLED option for those willing to pay a little more.

The plan is for it to offer excellent picture and sound quality along with an AI-powered voice assistant but we're not sure which one. We assume the Google Assistant since it will run on Android.

It is thought that the TV will come with a Bluetooth compatible remote. There's also reports that is will function as a kind of smart hub for other devices and appliances.

We know the OnePlus TV will provide a "unique Android TV experience" but it remains to be seen what that actually means. This sounds like customised version of the Android TV interface found on TVs like Philips but Google doesn't allow this like it does with phones.


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