You have to pick workout duration, whether you want music, podcasts or both, if you mind explicit content, type of workout, who you’re working out with, your workout vibe, and what genre you’re looking for. You can only pick one thing at each stage apart from the last, when you can pick two.

The who you’re working out with section even asks if you’re with a friend in person or virtually, with full acknowledgement of the strange pandemic age we are living through.

Spotify says it then crosschecks all these variables with your existing tastes and spits out the best possible playlist for your choices. If you select podcasts, it’ll select stuff from Spotify’s own network of content from providers like Gimlet, Parcast and The Ringer.

We gave Soundtrack Your Workout a whirl and it’s pretty good, but it made us realise that 30 minutes of music only equals about eight songs. Our advice is push the time option up to the max to create a long term playlist rather than a short one that’ll get boring quickly if you use it more than twice.