Sky says that the 2TB box has enough storage to save 420 episodes of Peppa Pig, so parents looking to restrict this number can happily plump for 1TB and halve their passive Peppa intake to a mere 210 instalments.

Both Sky Q UHD boxes benefit from Sky’s voice search to quicker find what you need, though we still recommend using the remote. More handily they support Sky’s ‘carry on’ feature so you can pick up a show you were halfway through on a different TV in the house.

Sky packages are notoriously expensive to get the full breadth of content, but a £25 1TB box is a good price for what you get. Sky Q packages start at £22.

Sky also pointed out in a statement that Sky Q plays nice with Netflix. TV in 2019 is a funny position where a selling point of a broadcaster like Sky is integration with a rival streaming subscription service, but here we are.