The Last of Us series release date

The Last of Us on HBO was announced in early March 2020. Based on how long production will take and rumours circulating the net, we expect that the show won’t arrive on screen until late 2021/early 2022. However, coronavirus is causing delays across the board, so the show may take a little longer to come to fruition.

Who is involved in The Last of Us series?

The show will be written by the co-creator and director of the games, Neil Druckmann, along with Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl. Carolyn Strauss and Evan Wells will serve as executive producers - Strauss also worked on Chernobyl and Wells is president of Naughty Dog, the production company behind the games.

Johan Renck has also been announced as the first director, announcing that he’ll be working on “at least the pilot” in an interview with Discussing Film. Renck has previously directed episodes of Breaking Bad and Chernobyl. He’ll also join Strauss and Wells as an executive producer.

HBO is collaborating with Sony Pictures Television in association with PlayStation Productions on this, making it the first show from PlayStation Productions. The show’s music will be composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, the same composer from the games.

No details have yet been confirmed when it comes to casting - when they are we’ll update this article.

What is the plot?

The Hollywood Reporter states that the show will be based on the events of the first game, but may also have scope to cover elements of the sequel as well. We don’t know yet how much of the first game season one will cover - the writers may be planning to span the plot across multiple seasons (something we wouldn’t be surprised to see).

If you’ve never played The Last of Us, it follows Joel and Ellie as they work together to make their way across the United States, which has been devastated by a modern fungal plague that infected most of the population, turning them into zombie-esque monsters.

The two are searching for a resistance group to find a cure for the pandemic, but unsurprisingly things aren't quite that simple.

How to watch The Last of Us TV series

Whilst The Last of Us series is being developed by HBO, we don’t know yet where it will air specifically. It hasn’t been announced for the new platform HBO Max specifically, so we imagine that it will be available to watch across all HBO channels and streaming platforms.

The UK doesn’t yet have HBO, but the show may possibly be syndicated on Sky and Now TV, as other HBO productions have. Failing that, there are still ways to watch HBO from the UK.