Get your pastries and cups of tea at the ready, because The Great British Bake Off is back for a third series on Channel 4 - and its tenth overall.

Here's everything you need to know, including when the Bake Off starts, who the contestants are and how to apply to compete in the next series.

When is Bake Off starting? 

The Great British Bake Off 2019 will be kicking off on Tuesday 27 August at 8pm. It'll most likely run for ten weeks, ending in October. 

In these modern times, you don't just have to watch the bakers struggle with a technical recipe the traditional way. Instead, you can watch on All 4 – live or on-demand with catch-up through a wide range of devices including smart TVs, games consoles, media streamers, phones and tablets.

Bake Off

Who are the GBBO 2019 bakers?

This year we've got a bunch of spring chickens in the tent, with the youngest line-up ever to be seen on the show. As usual we've got a mixed bag of personalities which include a Fashion Designer, a Theatre Manager and a Vet. The contestants are as follows: 

  • Alice, a Geography Teacher, aged 28 from London. After recovering from a back operation when she was 15, Alice took up baking as a past time. She now incorporates her bakes into her classes, making highly impressive cakes that resemble geographical topics such as volcanic activity. We're excited to see what visual tricks that she has up her sleeve. 
  • Dan, a Support Worker, aged 32 from Rotherham. A self-taught baker from a young age, Dan has always used baking throughout his life. From impressing his girlfriend with a themed birthday cake, to making his own wedding cake - to the same girlfriend no less! His proudest achievement is making a huge croquembouche, which sounds delish. 
  • Amelia, a Fashion Designer, aged 24 from Halifax. Inspired by her mum and grandma, Amelia has been honing her baking skills since she was five years old. She baked continuously throughout her university experience, and is continuing her hobby whilst working as a sportswear designer in London. She favours using freshly farmed produce in her bakes.
  • David, an International Health Advisor, aged 36 from London. Another native from the land of Yorkshire, David experimented with his baking after travelling to places like Malawi with his work, where he invented a cake that could be steam cooked over a village fire. His specialities lie in bread, and he prefers a solid bake over any fancy decoration. 
  • Helena, an Online Project Manager, aged 40 from Leeds. After moving to Las Vegas on a school exchange, Helena started to work on her baking skills. Her American experience has influenced her baking, as she likes to use flavours like pumpkin, maple and cinnamon in her food. Her Spanish heritage also has had an influence on her creations. 
  • Henry, a Student, aged 20 from Durham. After being awed by all the creations in the Bake Off tent, Henry took up baking at the age of 12, testing out different flavours for his family and friends to try. He's continuing his hobby at Durham University, where he studies English Literature. 
  • Michelle, a Print Shop Administrator, aged 35 from Wales. Hailing from the seaside welsh town of Tenby, Michelle incorporates baking into her everyday life, using her own vegetable patch to create seasoned vegetables. She puts a lot of focus on precision and finesse within her work. 
  • Jamie, a Part-time Waiter, aged 20 from Surrey. Yet another Bake Off fan, Jamie was inspired by the show to create a plaited loaf and has never looked back. He's currently working as a part-time waiter before he goes off to university to study Sports Science. He is not one to shy away from technically challenging bakes, so we'll see how gets on!
  • Priya, a Marketing Consultant, aged 34 from Leicester. After being given a stand mixer as a wedding gift, Priya went 'baking bonkers' and now works on all kinds of things, from vegan baking to tropical flavours. She lives at home with her husband and two children, but is looking forward to eventually travelling the world on a foodie extravaganza. 
  • Michael, a Theatre Manager and Fitness Instructor, aged 26 from Stratford-upon-Avon. Michael was taught how to bake from his mother, following old, handwritten recipes from his ancestors. His Indian heritage inspires his bakes, coming through in the flavours he uses. He's particularly adept at making cakes and pastry, and currently manages a well-known theatre company in Stratford-upon-Avon. 
  • Rosie, a Veterinary Surgeon, aged 28 from Somerset. Rosie has been baking from the tender age of five and has never looked back. She currently lives with her husband (and an abundance of other animals) in Somerset, where she bakes in her spare time for her colleagues. Her countryside living influencers the types of ingredients that she uses. 
  • Phil, a HGV Driver, aged 56 from Essex. As Phil works early shifts in his job, he can spend the rest of the day making all kinds of baking creations for those around him, making focaccia, brioche and other challenging pastries. When he's not in the kitchen, he enjoys taking to the rode on his motorbike, and frequently brings along treats to his meet-ups. 
  • Steph, a Shop Assistant, aged 28 from Chester. Steph has been cracking down on her baking skills over the last few years, working hard on creations like biscuits and her signature bake, a sourdough loaf which she calls 'Sammy'. She currently lives in Chester with her mum, and enjoys making her bakes healthier, experimenting with refined sugar levels and using more nutritional ingredients. 

Bake Off contestants

Who won last year?

After a tense final last year - including the most random technical challenge ever where the bakers were sent outside to cook as if they were in Scouts - it came down to three contestants; Ruby, Rahul and Kim-Joy. In the end a disbelieving and humble Rahul scooped up the Bake Off trophy after a rollercoaster of a competition, but it was certainly a close call. We hope this year will be just as exciting as the last, and not leave us feeling like a soggy bottom. 

Bake off Rahul

Who are the presenters and judges?

Despite the shake-up several years ago, nothing is changing on the Channel 4 hit for now. Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are returning to present the show, while Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back to judge this year's sugary confections.

How to watch Bake Off 2019 from outside the UK

As per usual, The Great British Bake Off 2019 will be available through regular UK broadcast TV (however you get your TV), airing on Channel 4.

If you want to watch from outside the UK - such as the US, where you might know it as The Great British Baking Show - then you'll need to use a VPN (virtual private network) like NordVPN so it appears you're device is local if you want to watch along with the UK on the Channel 4 website. For more details see our best VPNs article.

If you don't mind waiting a little longer, the new series will be coming to US Netflix, but it's currently only set to arrive "later this year", so you'll have to risk spoilers from UK viewers if you want to wait for Netflix to start showing it.

How to apply for GBBO 2020

If you're a budding baker and would like to apply for Bake Off in 2020 then you'll have to hang tight for the applications to open. Keep an eye out on the official sign-up page

Watch the trailer

Channel 4 released the first trailer for GBBO 2019 on the last day of July. As with last year's trailer, it's a bit wacky, including a section where Paul Hollywood emulates a painting of Jesus. You've been warned.