When is the next Democratic debate?

The next debate will take place this Sunday, 15 March 2020 at 8pm EST, which is midnight for the UK. Due to the date it takes place, it will likely be a deciding factor in the primaries that take place on 17 March, which are for Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. 

The debate will be held in Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix, and moderated by CNN's Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, along with Univision's Jorge Ramos. It will air on CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International and Univision - but if you don’t have access to any of these channels, you’ll still be able to follow along on the net.

How to stream the debate online

The entirety of the debate will be streamed on the CNN US website, without the need to login with a cable provider. It has not been announced yet whether this will also be replicated on the international CNN site - but we have a tried-and-tested solution in case the debate is only exclusively streamed on the US website.

VPNs (virtual private networks) change your IP address, which means you can browse the net as if you’re based in another location. For the CNN website, you’d need a US server. There are tons of VPN options out there, but for the biggest range of servers, usability and cost, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the best options.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at our list of the best VPNs for streaming. There are also free VPNs available, though these are likely to not be good for streaming due to the limited amount of servers that they offer.

To watch the next Democrat debate, simply download your VPN of choice, choose a US server, open the CNN website and click on the live TV link when the debate kicks off. In the UK, this will be 12am - so be prepared for a late night before work the next day.

Previous channels also streamed the debates live on Twitter. CNN haven’t confirmed yet whether or not they’re doing this - we’ll update this article with more information as we get it.

Who is still in the running?

Following the results of Super Tuesday, only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders now remain in the running for the nomination. Previous contenders Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg and Amy Klobuchar have all now conceded their bids.

What are the results of the race so far?

So far, Joe Biden is currently leading the race with 670 delegates. Of course, he isn’t running away with it just yet - as Bernie Sanders is following close behind with 574 delegates.

Most of the former runners have backed Biden - the centrist who identifies with most of the common Democratic party values. However, Sanders is attracting a new left-wing crowd, and is seen as the anti-establishment option that could disrupt the race.

The next six primaries taking place in the states of Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho and North Dakota will certainly be crucial in seeing whether Biden pulls ahead or not.

You can keep track of all the results as they come in on the CNN Election Centre.