When will Better Call Saul season 6 air?

The sixth season of Better Call Saul is currently slated to air in 2021 - though at the moment the month is undetermined.

Had everything been on course, this probably would have been at the start of the year based on previous seasons, and as season 6 had already started filming. However, like many other TV shows and movies, the team had to halt production due to the ongoing pandemic, so the air date may well be delayed.

Who will be in season 6?

Obviously we’ll be seeing Saul himself - Bob Odenkirk - return. We’ve also definitely not seen the last of Jonathan Banks (Mike) and Giancarlo Esposito (Gus), seeing as both characters make it through to the timeline of events in Breaking Bad.

Also slated to return is Rhea Seehorn (Kim), Michael Mando (Nacho), Patrick Fabian (Howard) and Mark Margolis (Hector), and a whole host of more familiar faces like Lavell Crawford (Huell) and Tina Parker (Francesca).

We imagine that the show will start to close the gap between the prequel events, and Saul in his new escaped life as ‘Gene’ post-Breaking Bad. However, does that mean we’ll see the two plots crossover completely? And if that is the case, does that mean we’ll get a cameo from Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul? We certainly hope so.

Is season 6 the last season?

Yes - Peter Gould confirmed this during the Television Critics Association press tour, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In fact, the amount of episodes means that this show will run for nearly exactly the same time as it’s parent show, Breaking Bad.

Whether or not the team are planning any more shows - or films like El Camino - remains to be seen.

How to watch Better Call Saul

If you’re in the US, Better Call Saul airs on AMC at 9pm EST. Those in the UK, Europe, Latin America and Asia can catch it a day after the release on Netflix.

US viewers who don’t have access to AMC will have a longer wait for it to come to Netflix - but they can simply access another country’s Netflix platform through using a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.