It means that at last you’ll be able to get your own watchlist, recommendations and viewing progress features. Accounts will be allowed one primary account profile and five extra user profiles.

These includes Kids profiles that can be restricted to only offer content suitable for ages 12 and under. Parents will also be able to set parental controls to block use of their unrestricted account on any device to stop the kids from watching Alien at 3am.

All profiles will be linked through Amazon’s wallet sharing feature that allows you to share payment methods with other Amazon accounts of people in your household. So yes, you’ll be able to have your profile and still use your partner’s debit card if you need to buy content. Streaming politics is complicated.

Amazon said that the profile feature would roll out first to the Prime Video iOS and Android apps, as well as on 10th-gen and newer Fire tablets, Fire TV Prime Video app and Prime Video apps for smart TVs.