13 Reasons Why is one of the most well-known Netflix Originals, but also one of the most controversial. The first season gained much critical acclaim for its honest portrayal of the struggles of mental health. However, season 2 deviated from the original book by Jay Asher into its own storyline, including some scenes that very much divided audiences.

The show also made headlines very recently for making the decision to edit out a graphic suicide scene from season 1. But what's in store for the latest instalment of this teen drama? 

The third season of 13 Reasons Why is out now, following its release on 23 August. Because it's a Netflix Original series, every episode of the new series is available now: you won't need to wait a week for each episode.

Netflix has also just confirmed that there will be a forth season, which will be the final series for the show. This should air next year. 

Where can you watch it?

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix Original series, so it's available to watch on Netflix and nowhere else. (The first series is now available on Amazon Video and on DVD.)

You can watch online at Netflix.com, or use the apps for iOS, Google and more. You'll need to take out a subscription (the cheapest is £5.99/$7.99 per month) but Netflix offers a free trial for one month and you can cancel at any time.

You can pay extra to enable Netflix streaming on more than one device at a time (you can watch on your laptop, PC, TV, tablet or phone) and to unlock HD and Ultra-HD content.

Log into your Netflix account and use the search function or look under Netflix Originals for 13 Reasons Why, then tap or click to play.

Watch the trailer

The first trailer for season 3 dropped on 1 August, along with the date announcement for the series. The show is taking a more 'crime drama' direction, something a little different from what they've done before. 

What is season 3 about?

Here's a few summarising points for season 3 if you'd like a little taster. Spoiler warning for previous seasons of the show from here on out, as well as a warning that this next section will discuss sensitive topics in the show such as sexual assault, rape and suicide. 

The last we saw of Bryce Walker - the main antagonist of 13 Reasons Why - he was on probation after his trial investigating the assaults of Hannah Baker and Jessica Davis, with the former contributing to Hannah's suicide. But as the latest trailer reveals, someone else has taken it upon themselves to end his life. Therefore, we have a murder mystery on our hands, folks. 

The trailer shows the main cast stood around Bryce's casket, hinting to the fact that one of them is most likely guilty. We also have a new narrator, as Hannah Baker does not return this season. This role will be played by a new character called Ani, who is seen in the trailer frantically scrubbing blood from a shirt, putting her in line with the other suspects. 

As every episode in the previous seasons followed a set structure - season 1 dealing with tapes and season 2 using polaroids - season 3 also has a unique through line. The show returns to the setting of Liberty High School, but the season does not finish with a neat bow, as there is still one more final season to come after this. 

Season 2 faced major backlash after including one graphic sexual assault scene with Tyler, which pushed him over the edge and caused him to have the intention to carry out a school shooting, which was later stopped by Clay. Season 3 shows characters supporting Tyler in dealing with his thoughts on nearly committing the crime, as well as overcoming the trauma he faced. 

Two actors on the show were also promoted to series regulars - Brenda Strong and Timothy Granaderos, so you'll be seeing a lot more of Bryce's mother Nora Walker, and Montgomery de la Cruz, the perpetrator of Tyler's sexual assault in this season.