Using a system of modular LED panels, the user customises their unit to fit any space. Rather than being constrained to the usual 16:9 ratio, the Wall Luxury can be arranged to suit the user's space perfectly. It's versatile enough to fit into all kinds of unusual and inspired locations, from flat walls to pillars and even into door frames.

Head of Visual Display at Samsung UK, Damon Crowhurst, comments: “As the world’s first consumer modular LED screen solution, The Wall Luxury delivers the ultimate flexibility for people wanting to customise their homes with bespoke display solutions". He went on to describe the Wall Luxury as "delivering on design without compromising on top of the range technology."

Ordinary displays, no matter how advanced, can be intrusive and dominate a space. Instead of requiring that a room's interior design work around the TV, the Wall Luxury can be refigured to fit into the user's ideal design.

As Damon Crowhurst remarks: "Consumers will no longer have to sacrifice the design of their home to accommodate standard screen sizes. With Samsung’s The Wall Luxury, we provide infinite screen size and shape possibilities which reimagine the total viewing experience.”

The Wall Luxury doesn't rest on its innovative laurels. Besides its modularity and physical flexibility, it also offers a crystal-clear viewing experience. The pixels are just 0.8mm wide, making for amazingly high-resolution images. Combined with precise greyscale for outstanding contrast and HDR10+ for superb brightness, this allows for perfect picture clarity regardless of lighting.

To ensure that there's no image distortion no matter how you configure your device, the Wall Luxury uses AI upscaling technology to give you the perfect image quality at any size or ratio. The onboard Quantum Processor ensures the ideal picture whatever you're watching, from streamed shows or high-end graphics.

The Wall Luxury has two modes: Entertainment Mode and Ambient Mode. Entertainment Mode provides immersive visual experiences whether you're enjoying your favourite film or getting lost in the latest video game.

By contrast, Ambient Mode allows you to enjoy your Wall Luxury as a visual backdrop, showing artwork, photography or your choice of static or moving image. The Décor Frame and Infinity Design functions turn it from a widescreen TV to a sleek and nearly edgeless visual centrepiece that will bring your interior to life.