It's not a name you'll have heard of, but when compared to the more common Ring and Nest doorbells of this world the features stack up. Not only is the 360 doorbell cheaper, but it offers wireless installation with a 5,000mAh battery that is claimed to last six months, so installation should be simple for any user.

There's also subscription-free recording with support for a 128GB microSD card and 48-hour free cloud storage. Another bonus you won't find elsewhere without a subscription: face detection can recognise frequent visitors, and it is claimed to have a more than 99% accuracy rate.

The 360 doorbell offers a Full-HD video feed, accessible through the mobile app, and a 162-degree wide-angle field of view. Like all good video doorbells it supports night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, customisable ringtones and adjustable volume. The indoor speaker unit that is typically sold separately is also included in the box, and there's an alarm that sounds should someone try to remove or break the video doorbell.

A great deal on paper, but do check out our 360 D819 review. Also note that when shipping goods from China to the UK you may be required to pay import duty (calculated at 20% of the value on the shipping paperwork), but even taking this into account it's an incredible deal.

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