The EQ.9 is the one you’ll want but might find hard to justify spending two grand on. That said, it has an insanely granular grind menu of options that claim to allow you to adjust coffee strength, temperature, coffee-to-milk ratios and more via a host of buttons and the colour screen on the unit. Your kitchen will feel like the buffet at a four-star hotel in no time.

Its dualBean dispenser can handle two different drinks at once and you can even bark your order to it if you have an Amazon Echo or some other device with Alexa.

Not to say that the other models aren’t premium. The EQ.6 lets you change tons of different settings for strength and temperature and save them for next time. The cheapest EQ.3 comes with a milk frother and is easily cleanable so you can use different kinds of milk if someone is dairy-free.

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