Just like on iOS and Android, Apple Music requires a monthly subscription. It’s notable that you can sign up to the service directly via your TV and doesn’t require another device to do so.

The news is a lesser-spotted act of cooperation between two brands who compete in the smartphone space, yet it is within their interests to collaborate on projects like this. That said, Apple making Apple Music available to Android users was a rare instance in the first place of Apple allowing a software service to stray form the confines of its own hardware.

It shows how determined Apple is to rival Spotify – Apple really should have been the market leader after it dominated digital music with the iPad and iTunes, but missed the advent of streaming.

Samsung has been sued by Apple in the past for copyright over smartphone design, yet Samsung’s display division provides iPhone displays. It’s a messy old tech world.

“Last year, we were the first TV manufacturer to offer the Apple TV app, and today, we are the first to offer Apple Music. Our partnership with Apple has been instrumental in bringing consumers an unparalleled lineup of different entertainment options, especially as they seek out more content choices from their Smart TVs,” said Salek Brodsky, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development for Samsung Electronics.