The colours on offer are vivid without being overpowering: warm coral, a sandy golden yellow, along with a neutral grey and navy blue. Colours can be mixed and matched on the same unit, giving a Mondrian-grid feel to the appliance.

You will also be able to choose from a range of materials such as cotta metal, which has a, Glam glass and Satin glass. All the surfaces are durable, stain-resistant and easy to care for.   

Alongside the Bespoke fridge, the premium line-up will include a range of other kitchen appliances in Samsung's built-in style. This will allow consumers to create a unifying theme. Projected to become available in 2020, the range will include ovens, additional refrigerators and a dishwasher. All will be in line with Samsung's built-in concept, with each appliance designed to fit seamlessly into today's kitchens.

Harry Choi, Samsung Electronics' Corporate SVP, Head of Design Team, commented: "European consumers have a preference for built-in style kitchens and a desire to reflect the family’s identity and personal taste in their interior design." Choi went on: "We are excited to see how Samsung’s new lifestyle innovations of quality craftsmanship and innovations such as the Bespoke satisfy the unique needs of each household."

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