With 4K gaming and game streaming becoming more mainstream, it’d be the perfect time for Nvidia to announce an upgrade to one of our favourite media streamers, the 2017 Nvidia Shield TV. While Nvidia is staying tight-lipped on its plans, a recent leak suggests that Nvidia is working on an upgraded controller and remote at the very least.

Details are admittedly light on the ground, but here’s all there is to know so far about the alleged Nvidia Shield TV 2019, including details of the recent leak and release date speculation.

When will the Nvidia Shield TV 2019 be released?

While there’s no solid release date – or even a rumoured announcement date – for the alleged 2019 edition of the Nvidia Shield TV, we can hazard a guess based on previous releases. Take the original Shield TV for example; the set-top box became available in the US and Canada on 28 May 2015, before coming to the UK and Europe later on that year. The second-gen device bucked this trend somewhat, with a January 2017 release.

If Nvidia was going to follow the January release cycle, we’d have heard about the rumoured device by now, leading us to believe that the company might be eyeing up a May 2019 reveal. As mentioned, this is pure speculation as Nvidia hasn’t confirmed the existence of the rumoured new Shield TV, but it’s certainly food for thought.

Latest Nvidia Shield TV 2019 rumours

Rumours that Nvidia is working on an upgraded Shield TV come from an XDA Developers leak, which revealed that the technology giant is working on key upgrades to both the Shield TV’s controller and remote.

As is the way with this kind of thing, details were a little light, but the new accessories are allegedly codenamed “Stormcaster” and “Friday”. The new controller will allegedly accept inputs via both Bluetooth and USB, while the remote will only support Bluetooth input. The original report from XDA Developers infers that this is part of a wider upgrade to the platform as a whole, but there was no further evidence provided to back this claim.

Nvidia has the following to say about XDA’s report and the alleged development of new accessories; “It’s fairly standard practice for various concept codenames to appear in codebases. Those references remain even when it becomes unlikely that the concept ever goes into production. We can’t comment on which codenames refer to product concepts that are active vs which ones are inactive, as it can be fluid. However, I can confirm that none of the codenames below refer to products that have launched publicly.

With a two-year gap between the 2015 and 2017 editions of the Nvidia Shield TV, it does make sense that Nvidia would release an upgraded model at some point in 2019. We’re confident that Nvidia is working on something behind closed doors, but we can’t be sure until the company stands on stage and reveals it.