Using the latest technology and collected data, the Nike Fit app provides a scanning service that goes above and beyond traditional measuring practices. By combining resources such as data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the app will ensure customers’ feet are correctly sized. Both feet are measured and the full shape is recorded, providing an accurate reading and the chance to be matched with true fitting Nike shoe styles.

This simple, easy to use app works by harnessing the latest smartphone technology. Nike Fit scans 13 data collection points on the foot, mapping the morphology with lighting speed. The result is a hyper-accurate scan which customers can save on their NikePlus accounts for future shopping.

Once an accurate foot scan has been taken using the Nike Fit app, a “best fit for you” recommendation will appear, giving customers extra support in choosing the right pair of shoes. If you’ve been wondering why your shoes didn’t feel quite right, why not shop for a new pair of Nike shoes or trainers and see if you could save money with a Nike discount code on Tech Advisor? You could make ill-fitting shoes a thing of the past.

The Nike Fit app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices and can be used to aid the shopping experience for online customers as well as those who are browsing in store. Whether you prefer the digital high street or the real one, you can now find a pair of Nike shoes or trainers that are right for your feet with the Nike Fit app. Why not see if you could also find footwear that’s kind to your wallet with the help of a Nike voucher code from Tech Advisor?