Research from global consultancy firm Ernst and Young, ‘Taking stock of the smart home’, predicts smart home technology use is set to rise in Britain. By 2022, 59% of UK households are expected to own at least one smart device; this represents a significant increase from the current estimated figure of 26%.  

The British public is embracing what could be the biggest period of change in home life since the first wave of labour-saving appliances in the mid-twentieth century. With wireless connectivity, voice activation and AI software, smart devices could change our homes for good as shoppers warm to the idea of processor power in the kitchen as well as in front of the laptop.

As one of a number of retailers to embrace the smart home trend, Currys PC World now stocks a range of smart home devices and appliances.

Already the most popular piece of domestic smart tech, the smart speaker is in many ways the cornerstone of a smart home. Intelligent hands free assistant software used by smart speakers can control interconnected utilities, from televisions to lighting and much more. If you are in need of a new smart speaker check out the Echo Dot. You could save £35 when you use a Currys PC World discount code from Tech Advisor.

While smart devices may once have seemed a niche interest for dedicated tech lovers, their ability to save consumers money is broadening appeal among UK households.

One of the most interesting ways in which smart tech can help you save is a smart fridge such as the Samsung Family Hub. Whilst at first glance it may look like a classic large American-style refrigerator, it contains built-in cameras that enable you to check the fridge’s contents from your mobile device. You can check what you need, and what needs to be eaten, whether you’re at work, or at the supermarket.

The Family Hub is currently available with a £100 discount when you use a Currys PC World voucher code.

While it might seem futuristic, products such as Wi-Fi controlled ovens have already arrived on the high street. The Samsung NV73J9WIFI Electric Smart Oven allows you to control cooking temperatures and timings from your smartphone or tablet. Tech Advisor is currently offering a discount of £100 on the product when you use this Currys PC World voucher code.

Whether you are looking for a new smart speaker or planning to invest in a smart oven, see what you can save with a Currys PC World discount code.