However, the biggest discounts are to be found in the bundles.

The Smart Starter Bundle, which includes 4x A60 and 2x Mini Colours is down to £200, saving £109.94. These are all available in bayonet or E27 fittings.

LIFX Black Friday Deals

There's also the Massive Bundle, which has 43% off. For £460 instead of £805.83 you get:

  • 4x A60
  • 2x A60+
  • 4x GU10
  • 4x Mini Colour
  • 2x Mini Day & Dusk
  • 1x Mini White

Unlike some smart lights, LIFX bulbs don't require a bridge or hub plugged into your router: they all communicate directly via Wi-Fi.

Via the LIFX app you can adjust the colour and brightness of your bulbs, create great effects and also set custom schedules and get them to change brightness and colour at different times of the day.

For more see our review of the LIFX Mini Colour.

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