If you buy the £49 Google Nest Mini by 18 February, you'll get the latest Chromecast at no extra charge. This will save you £30 when compared with buying them separately, and all you have to do is enter the code 'FREECHROME' at checkout. 

Click here to buy this Nest Mini and Chromecast bundle

If Alexa is your smart assistant of choice, AO is also throwing in a free Amazon Echo Dot 3 when you buy 2019's second generation Ring Video Doorbell by 16 February. What's more, Ring has recently dropped the price of its flagship doorbell, so you'll pay just £119 for the bundle. Just make sure you add the code 'FREECHROME' when you check out. 

You can get the same bundle on Amazon at the same price, although it's not in stock until 3 March.

The Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot 3 are two of the very best smart speakers you can buy. Both are a great entry point to the world of smart home tech, and have significantly improved sound quality in recent years. 

Most people will be familiar with the Chromecast, which can turn almost any TV into a smart TV, providing access to all the major streaming services. The class-leading Ring Doorbell 2 is our top pick if you're looking for a video doorbell, allowing you to record and store 1080p video of anyone approaching your home. It's one of the best home security devices you can buy. 

The beauty of these deals is how well the bundled products will work with each other. The Nest Mini can be used to control your Chromecast hands-free, while the Echo Dot can quickly update you on any unusual activity the Ring Doorbell has picked up. 

We haven't seen deals like this since Black Friday, when Amazon bundled the Echo Dot 3 with the first generation Ring Doorbell.

Click here to get the Nest Mini and Chromecast deal, or here for the Ring and Echo Dot bundle. Just make sure you enter the relevant code at checkout. 

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