We pitted both products against each other in our comparison. The Echo Dot is by far more popular in the UK smart speaker market but we found the Google Home Mini had a fuller sound range. We also liked that the Home Mini didn't have any visible buttons.

The Echo Dot on the other hand has an aux port that can connect to a more powerful speaker if needed, which the Home Mini does not have – the the latter, though, can be paired to another speaker via Bluetooth.

The main difference in performance was how each device's respective smart assistants responded to requests. In what might seem slightly obvious, Amazon's Alexa performed better at shopping-related requests, while the Google Assistant performed better at search-related questions. So the smart speaker you prefer really depends on which one would better serve your needs. 

If you need more help deciding, see our review of the Google Home Mini here and our review of the Amazon Echo Dot here.

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