The Glow smart light is intended to address the problem of poor sleep routines in our increasingly digital world. Instead of spending the period before sleep checking emails on your laptop or scrolling through social media on your phone, the Glow encourages users to wind down gently with a book or a magazine, as the slowly decreasing light levels reduce wakefulness and promote falling asleep more naturally. 

The Glow is a pleasingly tapered cylinder about the size of a large pillar candle. Inside the translucent plastic casing is an LED lamp, along with smart circuitry, a Bluetooth sensor and a rechargeable battery that gives several hours of light. When the Glow first turns on, the warm, natural-looking yellow-white light is strong enough to read by. Over a variable period, it gradually dims until it goes out completely. 

The Glow comes with a wireless charging pad, where it will normally stand unless you need to pick it up. The Glow is designed to stand upright on either end: to activate the lamp or re-set the dimmer cycle, you simply flip the device over like an hourglass. To vary the length of the cycle, you simply twist the device against the charging pad or another flat surface. The dimming period defaults to 45 minutes, but can be adjusted to between 15 minutes or a full hour if you wish.

You can also adjust the light level via the Glow's smartphone app. Because the device has its own power, you can pick it up and take it with you; this is great if you need to get up at night but don't want to turn on the lights. The Glow's motion sensor keeps it lit at a low, comfortable level so you can navigate your way around without disturbing other people or jolting yourself into full wakefulness by turning on the main lights. 

The Glow's portability and long battery life makes it a good choice if you want a versatile reading light you can take on the road. It's small and light enough to pack for a hotel stay or a camping trip and can be powered off completely so that it won't turn on in your luggage. 

A foray into the smart device field might seem like an unusual tangent for a company best known for their high-end mattresses. Although it's a bold move, it's also a smart one. In today's world, where quality sleep is an increasingly precious commodity, the Glow is a natural extension for Casper's product line.