A multi-zone system is estimated to reduce heating bills by up to 50% if you have a home with no smart heating currently installed, and up to 20% over an existing single zone smart home heating system.

Drayton Wiser

Drayton is one of the biggest names in UK home heating. Its Wiser system is easy to install – you shouldn’t need to call out an engineer – and use. We reviewed it and gave it four out of five stars

Multi-zone means you can control the heating room by room (creating up to 16 different zones), all via the app. Wiser is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

It also works with IFTTT, which means you can set up features including geofencing. This means that when the last member of the family leaves the house, the heating will immediately turn down, and turn back up when they arrive home. 

In the box, you'll get a central room thermostat, a heat hub and two smart TRVs (smart radiator valves, which replace the 'dumb' existing valves on your radiators).

This year, the Wiser Heat app has been updated to include an Insights tile, which displays the weather and the percentage of energy users have saved each month.

The Drayton Wiser Multi-Zone Kit for Combination Boilers is available for £84.99, down from Amazon's usual price of £196.98. The Multi-Zone Kit for Conventional Boilers is on sale for £86.99, down from £229.99. That's £143 off, or 62%.  


Tado is another brilliant home heating brand. It uses location services to determine when you're at home and controls the heat accordingly. Its Smart V3+ Kits, which we reviewed and rated highly, are available in both wired and wireless form, depending on whether or not you have a wired thermostat connected to your boiler.   

The wired Smart V3+ Starter Kit is available in the Prime Day sale for £93.99, down from £199.99, a saving of £106 or 53%. The wireless version is discounted from £190 to £124.99.

Bear in mind that to get the full functionality of Tado, you'll need to pay for a subscription service. But for added value, Tado has recently added a boiler care troubleshooting service to its app for subscribers.

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