The Smart Clock is Lenovo's answer to the Amazon Echo 5 but comes with Google Assistant instead. Both smart displays are priced at around £80, but right now you can pick up the Smart Clock for free from Currys when you buy the Google Nest Mini for £49.

The Nest Mini looks nearly identical to the previous generation Google Home Mini, but includes a newer machine learning chip that should make it more responsive to requests. Other improvements include a new amp and speaker, which makes the bass sound richer than in the previous generation.

The Nest Mini is the cheapest in Google's smart speaker range, making it a great entry-level product if you want to kick off converting your home into a smart one. See our full review of the Nest Mini, which received a full five stars.

Google's closest relative to the Lenovo Smart Clock would be the 7in Google Nest Hub smart display, which offers stronger specs and is closer to a tablet – but would (understandably) set you back £119. The 4in Smart Clock in comparison is smaller and essentially a Home Mini with a screen, in terms of functionality.

In our review of the Lenovo Smart Clock we recommended it as a justifiable alternative to buying the Home Mini because the price jump isn't too significant. Now however, Curry's bundle gets you the best of both worlds. At £49 for the bundle, you save on the entire cost of the Clock and get the latest Nest Mini too, making this offer particularly enticing.

Head to Currys now to pick up the Lenovo Smart Clock free with the Google Nest Mini.