While on the subject of music, the HomePod only works with Apple Music (no surprise there), which may disappoint Spotify subscribers. The HomePod is, after all, intended for those already immersed in the the Apple ecosystem.

What that means is you likely own an iPhone, are connected with Apple's HomeKit smart devices (or are interested to), use Siri for all your reminders and queries, and prefer Apple Music to other streaming platforms. If that resonates, then the HomePod is for you.

While Apple's Siri smart assistant doesn't offer the strongest natural language processing compared against competitors Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it does offer unparalleled audio quality. The HomePod's spatial awareness technology can optimize sound quality by assessing where the speaker is placed in the room, the room size, and whether there are any obstacles that might block the sound. See the full review over at our sister site Macworld UK.

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