In a recent interview, founder and CEO John Roberts said, “I’m always looking at the structural challenges and thinking about long-term trends. So we’re trying out rental. Millennials rent everything. Can we get you all of your electrical items on a subscription model and can we make money out of it?”

This move points towards a ‘back to the future’ style shift for British consumers. In previous decades, the likes of Radio Rentals and leasing Domestic Electrical appliances were commonplace on UK high streets.

If successful, consumers could see AO and others mover further into this field, offering rentals on further household appliances and entertainment tech, from dishwashers to televisions.

With the constant upgrades to domestic tech, from smart kitchenware to new video games consoles, it’s not difficult to see how popular a return to appliance rentals could be.

For now at least most of us are still purchasing these machines, and AO is still very much at the forefront here. With Tech Advisor’s regularly updated discount codes and deals you can save on a range of domestic appliance upgrades.

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