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This announcement was compounded by a host of devices at IFA housing Alexa, including the Huawei AI Cube (which isn’t actually a cube).

This pace of expansion sees no sign of slowing down with Alexa slowly being added to almost every part of daily life, from your home and car to your office and hotel. As technology improves and Alexa becomes more intelligent and responsive she may be the very first generation of virtual assistant to be within reach at every point of the day. I’m sure there will be mixed feelings about that one.

The promised future for Alexa is said to be very bright as there are over 50,000 voice apps and hundreds of thousands of developers in over 180 countries working on the platform, according to Mr Rausch. The idea of a smart home is evolving year by year and Amazon is certainly doing their best to make sure Alexa is right in the middle of that, even though it has “barely scratched the surface” of its potential.

We are fast approaching a time when you won’t be interacting with your house through physical switches and buttons anymore; you’ll just be talking to it instead.